Connecting people through mediumship with those who have passed on was not something I would not have dreamed of doing as a child. I wanted to take care of animals and have a farm or a sanctuary for animals. The gift of being a Medium wasn’t a gift at that time. I”ve had the ability since I was a small child. I chose to ignore my gift as much as I could as my siblings would say “it wasn’t true that I actually saw spirits, it was my imagination,” and “I watched too many scary movies” or so I was told those things by well-meaning siblings. So I stopped sharing what I saw and did my best to ignore it.

When my dog Dugan passed I was a teenager, I saw him all the time waiting at the window for me as I came home from school, he had done this when he was alive too. It was extremely painful. I asked God and the Angels to take good care of him which I knew they would.

So again I shut down my gift, not understanding that Dugan was there to comfort me. I still didn’t want to see strangers spirits or have them showing up at my house and in my life.

In the 90’s I had found a book called Hands of Light and loved it, and the idea of being able to help my Mom, and my dog in such a way would be incredible. Through the book, I learned about the human energy system and the aura. I would have loved to attend the program, but at that time (I believe) It was located in Chicago, and required a lot more time then I was willing to do because of my daughter being so young and not willing to leave her, and it was also more money than I had, so I would wait until she was older and I was in a better position to attend. I began looking for a program similar to it. I continued reading up on different modalities of energy healing. I saw Reiki classes, but for some reason, they didn’t have that pull for me, so I didn’t take them.

Then out of the blue one evening on the news which I barely ever watched, a retiring weatherman was doing a story about a different type of healing modality he had found, and understood since he understood the energy of the weather systems. He had been training to become a Healing Touch Practitioner. With that news story, I found Healing Touch, and I took my level 1 Healing Touch class shortly after that, and I loved it!

I remember the first class which began on a Friday night, I remember being very excited about going, although I was shy, and a bit of fearful, I tried to suppress the thoughts that kept going through my head of “what makes you think you can do this? Are these people going to be weird?” Thankfully I found out I could do it on the very first night. The people were very nice and normal.

I had an amazing teacher named Kathy Sinnett who was a big part of my journey into Healing Touch, as well as assisting her in her classes. Kathy knew I was a medium before I did, she would often tell people “Carole see’s and hears spirit, etc…” I would say no I don’t,” I denied it believing those experiences were over and didn’t think of myself as a medium.

As time went on my gift kept coming back, I continued ignoring it, but finally, I embraced it and began learning everything I could about it. By accepting my gift of being a medium, I was going to be the best for those who come to me.

After applying and being accepted into a brand new program by Lisa Williams for training in Advanced Mediumship and going on to become one of her Certified Spiritual Advisors I felt quite honored when she told us that hundreds had applied and only we had been accepted.

I have trained with incredible Mediums, such as Janet Nohavec, Tony Stockwell, Val Williams, John Holland, etc. I have traveled to England to attend Arthur Findlay College the Hogwarts for mediums. I continue training and honing my abilities for my clients to make it the best possible experience I can.

During the 90’s I also learned meditation. I had bought an audio program for my Mom, she was going through a difficult time, and I knew meditation helped with stress and was good for the mind as well as the body. Unfortunately, my mom was not interested in doing meditation at that time, so I began using the program and loved it! I continued practicing meditation, and it helped me through some really difficult times in my life.

I found McLean Meditation Institute and applied and began the 200 hr training program to become a certified meditation teacher. I have gained an in-depth knowledge of meditation, a consistent practice for myself.

I love teaching meditation and see how much it benefits my clients and changes their lives for the better. It is awesome, they make better decisions, and live happier, healthier lives through the use of meditation.

I teach courses in meditation, psychic enhancement, mediumship training, reiki and other courses to enhance and empower people’s lives.

Also, I am a Reiki Master, and I’ve taken other courses in healing work, intuition, and mediumship. Which you can learn about here: