My Helpful Healing Touch for Children!

Carole GraceA mindful worker is a happier worker

Healing Touch Program has created a new program for children ages 6 – 12 years old called “My Helpful Healing Touch” that I am honored to be teaching. Children will be learning to sense energy as well as how to put up an energy shield and many other wonderful techniques to help them live life better and be more in tune with themselves!

Children will learn:
Basic energy concepts in a simple and enjoyable format
How to use healing energy for their wellness and self care
How to balance their emotions through the use of breath
How to elicit an internal sense of peace and calm
Meditation for self care
How to use their energy field as a protective shield
To create stronger sense of self
How to use the universal life force energy for comfort and caring
How to send healing energy to themselves and others

Your child will come away with 12 simple and easy to use tools they can use in their daily life. The book, My Helpful Healing Touch: A Guide for Empowering Children is included. It provides exercises and reminders that can be completed at home. Suggested ages are 6-12.

I wish I had had a program such as this to assist me when I was growing up. Learning to not pick up other people’s negativity, emotions, etc.. I did not even realize that I was picking up other people’s stuff and how it effected my life even as a young adult, so I am very happy that this program will help children empower themselves and techniques to help them feel better, be more focused, all using their own energy!