Angel a three legged horse 

I heard about Angel from my sister who does therapy using horses.  She knew I had worked with horses before and thought maybe I could help Angel.  I volunteered my services and took a long drive to her home.   Looking into Angel’s  beautiful brown eyes I knew she’d had a hard life but a loving and trusting nature even after being abused and abandoned.   She has such a sweet gentle personality.  I just love her.   Here are a few photo’s during the session and a video to follow:

With deep sadness I must write that Angel has passed away. Angel had a tragic accident on her travel to get surgery. She has touched many lives in her short life. May she rest in peace.



Healing Touch for Animals® / Komitor Healing Method, Inc. (HTA/KHM) uses bio-field therapies – recognized by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) – to integrate, balance and clear the energy body. It works by releasing endorphins to establish a deeper relaxation and state of being, allowing the body to function at a greater level. By allowing muscles to relax, circulation is increased, sending more oxygen, nutrients, and hormones into the body to support healing. HTA/KHM Techniques work on all levels of the body: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. These techniques allow the animals to come into a deeper instinctual presence and knowing of their body.

HTA/KHM Techniques are largely based on Healing Touch for humans. The energy-based modality of Healing Touch has been recognized throughout the human medical community since 1989 and is used by more than 75,000 healthcare practitioners worldwide to help provide whole body wellness. These techniques are designed to enhance the healing process and does not replace traditional medical or veterinary healthcare, medical diagnosis, or medical treatment for illness. HTA Practitioners do not provide medical diagnosis, prescribe medications or perform surgery. Refer to a licensed medical or veterinary practitioner for medical care.

Knowing the energetic response of the body’s physiology will help yoiu understand the function of the body through energy-medicine application.
Healing touch for animals treatment creates relaxation.
Releases endorphins in the brain.
The endorphins relax the muscles
The relaxed muscles create more space between cells providing increased ciculation.
The increased blood flow allows elevated oxygen levels into the body.
The increased blood flow also allows nutrients to be absorbed more efficiently.
The relaxation response allows enzymes to build in the body.
Hormones regulate to allow the body to better function.
The toxins held in the body release.
Cells regenerate with the stability and support provided by the above corresponding components.
These factors promote healing in the body an d stabilize a sense of well-being.
When the body has a stable physiology, the immune system is regulated which creates HEALING.

How effective is Healing Touch?
Because of the effective results seen over recent years, Healing Touch is now part of patient care systems in more than 25 hospitals in the United States. Healing Touch skills are becoming increasingly validated in health care systems around the country. Hospitals that support the practice of Healing Touch as part of their integrative health care system have found that it facilitates the return of compassion to the forefront of patient care.

Hospitals, nursing and medical schools, and allied health professions throughout the world are increasingly embracing Integrative Medicine as consumer demand multiplies and as research supports its use. Healing Touch has had an active research program for over 11 years and more than 50 Healing Touch studies have been completed at universities, medical centers and in other settings.

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This story is about an amazing student of Carol Komitor’s … a dog student. This special little female, Siberian husky was mutilated in a small town outside Istanbul, Turkey. Her back legs were cut off just below the stifle (knee) and her toes on the front legs were twisted and deformed as if someone took a pair of pliers to them. That is the gruesome part of the story; the part where it makes anyone who has an ounce of humanity, wretch and then have waves of fury flow through their veins. But, this is only a small part of the story and where the miracles to begin…

When she came from Turkey, her owner, Moe utilized the Healing Touch for Animals® Techniques and her understanding of HTA to assist Triumph in her healing process and adapting to the United States and her new home and environment. With the diligent care of her new owner, the continued veterinary care in Nashville and the HTA facilitation, Triumph learned to walk again with the use of prosthetics and integrated well into her family pack.

What I have seen is that this amazing dog affects everyone she comes in contact with. She surrounds each one with a presence of unconditional love and allows their heavy hearts to mend. She allows us to see possibilities and embrace the vision of change. I feel blessed to have been a part of her healing journey. — Carol Komitor

Triumph the Dog Since February 2003, Triumph has been through many prosthetic legs and has undergone surgery to establish permanent prostheses.

Since February 2003, Triumph has been through many prosthetic legs and has undergone surgery to establish permanent prostheses. Triumph continues to give back as she works with children at the Vanderbuilt Children’s Hospital in Nashville, TN. In addition, she was awarded the 2005 Heroic Pet of the Year.

Because of the extraordinary story of Triumph and her ability to overcome adversity, The Healing Touch for Animals® Triumph Foundation was established in her honor.

The Healing Touch for Animals® Triumph Foundation is a non-profit organization (status pending). The purpose of the Healing Touch for Animals® Triumph Foundation is to receive and distribute funds to assist Triumph and other animals like Triumph. The Foundation provides funds for Triumph’s care and travel expenses in addition to providing monies for the scientific research of HTA.

Monetary donations can be sent to the following address:

Healing Touch for Animals® Triumph Foundation
P.O. Box 262171
Highlands Ranch, CO 80163-2171

Please make your check payable to the Healing Touch for Animals Triumph Foundation.

Read more about Triumph on her website at

BY Benjamin Duer – Stable owner believes “holistic” therapy helps animals

Stable owner believes ‘holistic’ therapy helps animals
Monday, October 1, 2007
BY Benjamin Duer
Travis, a former racing horse suffering from multiple tumors, underwent successful sound and vibration therapy using holistic treatments during a demonstration Sunday. A floppy lip, glazed eyes and droopy ears are positive signs of a relaxed patient, Sheri Antrude of Concord Township said. “He likes this,” said Travis’ owner Stephani Kames, who also owns Fox Creek Stables, where the demonstration occurred.

LAKE TWP. “Travis” is an old boy.

A former racehorse, he desires to run endlessly, but his body cannot. At 27, the gray thoroughbred has many tumors.

But Travis has found relief in touch.

“He likes this,” said Stephani Kames, who owns the aging horse, which was taken to Fox Creek Stables in Lake Township. Fox Creek is owned by Jill Kirsch.

Kames watches as tuning forks – gently applied – vibrate and tingle on the horse’s back, chest and ears.

Travis passes gas. His lips become droopy. His head lowers. He has found his chi.

He has found harmony.

Carol Komitor, founder and director of Komitor Healing Methods, taught holistic touching techniques – to help heal and/or calm animals – to a group of students Sunday at Fox Creek. The four-level program is known as Healing Touch for Animals (HTA). Using tuning forks is just one application.

“When you keep the energy system in balance it allows for a deep relaxation to come in, and when we’re relaxed – whether it is people or animals – it allows for correct physiology,” Komitor, a former veterinary technician, said.

She said holistic therapy can help heal general illnesses, stabilize training, reduce anxiety and behavioral issues and regulate the immune system in animals.

She sees the therapy as a partner to medicine.

Pamela Fisher, a local holistic veterinarian, organized the event. Her practice is in Jackson Township. She has more than 500 clients.

“I was drawn to (the program) because I do energy work in my office,” Fisher said. Energy work is another term for holistic therapy.


Fisher said the program is a “wonderful avenue” to teach holistic techniques to her clients.

One of her clients is Cindy Van Allen.

Van Allen, a Butler resident, has two epileptic dogs. The seizures were daily.

Van Allen said the holistic techniques have helped calm her animals and reduce the amount of seizures and other epileptic side effects.

With touch therapy, “an owner can see immediate differences,” in their pets, she said.

Candace Phillips of Hartville is another client. She is a massage therapist. She owns two horses, three cats and three dogs.

She said the “energy work” of holistic treatments can identify a problem quickly and set you on a path toward a solution – medical or otherwise.

“The body will tell you a thousand times something is wrong before it becomes a problem,” Phillips said.


Komitor’s holistic therapy for animals has attracted students from many countries. Joining students, such as Phillips, were twin sisters from the Netherlands.

Ria and Henriette Roosendaal train horses for competition in the Amsterdam area. They made the trip to Lake Township so they could complete their education.

Henriette Roosendaal said she believes holistic therapy has helped in competition. “(The horses) are more focused on their job.”

“It is our self-healing that helps healing, not someone else,” Komitor told students.

But, “someone else can facilitate the healing.”

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