9 Things Not to Say to Someone Who’s Grieving – Woman’s Day article featuring David Kessler

10 Best Things to Say to Someone in Grief: Don’t ask, just help. by David Kessler
Finding the right words to say to a grieving friend. http://www.healyourlife.com/author-david-kessler/2010/07/wisdom/inspiration/10-best-things-to-say-to-someone-in-grief

Compassionate Friends: Assisting families with the loss of a child at any age
“The Compassionate Friends is about transforming the pain of grief into the elixir of hope. It takes people out of the isolation society imposes on the bereaved and lets them express their grief naturally. With the shedding of tears, healing comes. And the newly bereaved get to see people who have survived and are learning to live and love again.”
–Simon Stephens, founder of The Compassionate Friends

Help Guide: Coping with Grief and Loss – Understanding the grief process http://helpguide.org/mental/grief_loss.htm

Bereaved Parents Organization
A nationwide organization designed to aid and support bereaved parents and their families who may be struggling to overcome their grief after the passing of a child.

Grief Share
GriefShare is a friendly, caring group of people who will walk alongside you through one of life’s most difficult experiences. You don’t have to go through the grieving process alone.

Wings Grief Organization

Information and inspiration, for the bereaved and caregivers. They also offer a quarterly magazine of real stories about people’s journey through grief.

Good Grief Center
This is a resource center for helping individuals cope with grief. It offers 
one-on-one peer support, either over the phone or in person, an extensive lending library with a variety of books, audio, and other 
grief-related media, as well as a comprehensive list of support 
groups, organizations and therapists specializing in grief.

Grief & Belief Connection
“Grief is healing and to take away our grief is to take away our healing. Learning about life after death helps us heal with greater hope, comfort and peace.”