What to expect during a Healing Touch session:

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Healing Touch sessions begin with the client filling out an intake form similar to one you fill out at a Dr.’s office. The form is intended to let the practitioner know what the client is feeling physically and/or emotionally, also if there is any medical conditions the practitioner should be aware of to better aide the client in getting the most out of their session. Client and practitioner will discuss what is going on with client and what the goal of the session is; client will then lie on the massage table fully clothed. Healing Touch utilizes light or near body touch to clear balance and energize the energy system in an effort to promote healing for the mind, body and spirit. After the Healing Touch treatment you are asked about your session, how you are feeling, and to answer any questions you may have.  Everything is held in confidentiality between practitioner and client.

At the end of a session clients generally have an over all greater sense of well being.

Healing Touch does not replace medical care.

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