Carole did a Mediumship/Psychic reading for me and it was beyond profound. Her demeanor is always so gentle and comfortable – like you’ve known her for lifetimes! She passed on messages from 2 people I was absolutely not expecting but was super pleasantly surprised. It made my whole week! I highly recommend her! Thank you so much! <3 posted on June 4, 2021 by Chi Brodie

I had a reading with Carol and she is awesome!!! She was spot on, she connected with my fiancé who has passed and a lot of the stuff he showed/told her was only stuff that him and I would’ve known about. An example is the ring he bought for me, nobody besides us knew about it and how he LOVED to sit on my back porch always saying it was peaceful. I plan on getting a reading done soon for my girls, I would recommend Carol to everyone. posted on March 24, 2021 by Teresa Blake

Mediumship Reading

My reading with Carole was truly different and amazing! I had been to other mediums, but my reading with Carole was very different. Not only was there plenty of validation, she connected with the deceased at a very emotional level not demonstrated by the other mediums. As she explains in the beginning, she communicates through the emotions she receives. The information was amazing and very personal. I give her an A+posted on December 8, 2020 by Peter Gorham

Psychic Reading

I was in a very difficult place with a family situation and I reached out to Carole out of desperation.I had never had a reading before I am so glad I did! She is so easy to talk to and gave me great advice and a prediction of July/ august of something happening that I’d been praying for for a long time, and it happened July 5th! I highly recommend her! posted on July 8, 2020 by Mari Si

Mediumship Reading

I thought Carol was wonderful. She was able to bring me messages from my loved ones that I needed to hear. Thank You!

posted on May 1, 2020 by Paula Hardy

Mediumship Reading

Thank you Carole Grace for the beautiful reading you gave me. It meant a lot to hear from my soulmate. And for the other messages you brought to me. It was a wonderful experience and I’m so grateful! Blessings! 
posted on April 25, 2020 by Katherine Miller

Carole was wonderful. Unfortunately, my reading had to be rescheduled twice but she was so accommodating and sweet about it. The reading was wonderful and just what I needed. She conveyed everything beautifully. I definitely would recommend her to others!

posted on April 7, 2020 by Rachel Pomaville

Mediumship Reading

We had a wonderful experience with Carole, I would highly recommend her and am looking forward to another meeting. Thanks again. posted on January 4, 2020 by Stephanie Lambley

Mediumship Reading

Carole is such an amazing gem! This was my first reading with a medium and WOW. The connection with my Dad was such a gift and I will treasure it always. I would highly recommend getting the audio recording; you’ll want to go back and listen to it again. I cannot thank you enough, Carole!

posted on January 3, 2020 by Lenora Quarto

I’ve had several sessions with Carole and on each occasion, I found her words to be most authentic and meaningful. I celebrate her wonderful God-given gift of drawing me close to those I love who have made their transition. Time spent with Carole is God’s gift to me. I will be blessed each time I recall this experience. It is beautiful . It is priceless! posted on February 1, 2019 by Ramona Prince-Beukema

Mediumship Reading

I am so grateful for Carole. I was in a very dark place and I needed help. Carole was the only person that I thought of for that help. I thank God that she was available! She was so accurate it was if I was speaking with my loved directly. She communicated something to me that only my loved one would have known. I instantly became filled with peace. The guilt I had been tormented by left me and was replaced with love. Thank you Carole, I love your soul. posted on January 15, 2018 by Melody Larson

Mediumship Reading

12/03/18 Neil says:Carole is a very nice, caring person. My mediumship with her was remarkable.

Robert F. says: This was my first reading ever with a medium and it was fantastic. Carol gave me an ample amount of her time and channeled the type of messages from which I knew for sure that I was communicating with my departed loved one. She was very nice, supportive and professional and it was very beneficial towards my peace of mind. I will definitely be back. Thanks Carol.

10/28/18  Rosemary I thoroughly enjoyed my visit! I do plan on returning.

Alynnda says:  I am forever great full that I was referred to you. It changes my world Thank You! I’m sure we will have other sessions 💜

10/07/18 Lauren Bjorklun

4/21/18 Melody Larson

Determined to Connect!  6/29/2017. Melissa L. says: Carol is a gifted and generous soul, who connects easily to spirit. She was having difficult with a particular reading, but she stayed connected and expended a tremendous amount of her personal energy to connect and provide details. Her ability to listen and interpret spirit is nothing short of amazing. Many items remain “unrecognized” but in time, I am sure they will make sense. I highly recommend her for her dedication, caring and compassionate approach to helping others to “hear” messages and heal. She is truly a gentle soul with tremendous abilities.

Mediumship Reading 1/20/2017
Jennifer K. says: I have never had a mediumship reading done before, and Carole came highly recommended through a dear friend. I was very nervous at the beginning, when my nervous energy started to dissipate the energy I was hoping to connect with came through. I will for sure be in contact again for further readings! Thanks so much, Jennifer

Melissa L. says: Carol is a gifted and generous soul, who connects easily to spirit. She was having difficult with a particular reading, but she stayed connected and expended a tremendous amount of her personal energy to connect and provide details. Her ability to listen and interpret spirit is nothing short of amazing. Many items remain “unrecognized” but in time, I am sure they will make sense. I highly recommend her for her dedication, caring and compassionate approach to helping others to “hear” messages and heal. She is truly a gentle soul with tremendous abilities.
Medium Reading
Jennifer K. says: I have never had a medium reading done before, and Carole came highly recommended through a dear friend. I was very nervous at the beginning, when my nervous energy started to dissipate the energy I was hoping to connect with came through. I will for sure be in contact again for further readings! Thanks so much, Jennifer


*Meditation Classes

Rosalie R. says: The meditation classes were very helpful. Carole was understanding and insightful to what I needed to achieve in this class. I was tired and overworked, she knew what to push to get me to my potential. She comes into every class with love and patience, which was needed since I was behind on my homework. I’ve had Carole do readings for me in the past, and I wouldn’t go anywhere else, she’s always right on.

Enveloped by love


Elizabeth A. says: This is the second reading I have had with Carole and she was wonderful.   The people I expected came through loud and clear with a couple of unexpected additions. Carole also sensed I personally needed some guidance and went down that path for which I am very grateful. The time with Carole is precious beyond words, thank you!

Sweet, loving, and gifted woman!  9/29/2016


andrea h says: Carole has gone above and beyond for me. When I was single and afraid to date again, she was optimistic and encouraged me to be me. When I found someone I was falling in love with, she was able to see my marriage happen before our engagement. She has given me chills with her insight and foresight; and peace and comfort with her wisdom. Talking with Carole feels like a connection to a guardian angel. She is so patient and kind and honest. You are TRUELY gifted and LOVE that you do not waste this great ability. I am so very grateful to know you

Gifted and precious soul! 8/16/2016

T. O. says: Thank you sooo much for today. You are truly gifted and amazing! I can’t put into words what you did for me in many aspects of my life. Your ability to give details is absolutely mind blowing!!You WILL see me again and I will send others to you for help and healing. Sending much love and prayers to you. Thanks, just isn’t enough!

Amazing 6/30/2016
Michelle D. says: Me and my husband did a reading together, it was our first time talking to a medium/psychic. She was spot on with events and how my husband was feeling about certain things. She gave me piece of mind with our dog that had passed, and great insight for the future. I would 100% recommend her. Great Reading!!

First time 6/10/2016
Diane r. says: I found Carole to be very warm, kind and authentic. She knew some things about my father that one wouldn’t normally know, and about my brother as well. I asked her to tell me everything. Her words were comforting and reassuring. I would use her again. diane

My dog passed and we connected 4/20/2016


Mary M. says: Losing my “spirit animal” Reesie has been very difficult and unexpected. He was less than 7 when he passed from cancer and my heart aches for him terribly. Those that have never owned a dog won’t understand but Carole did and he was able to come through and he has made himself known to us in ways that we have seen. Carole Grace said he enjoyed Cheez its and Goldfish which are 2 of my daughter’s favorite snacks. She also knew about his previous owners. All she knew was that one of our pets had passed. I will definitely be referring her to others for comfort.Losing my “spirit animal” Reesie has been very difficult and unexpected. He was less than 7 when he passed from cancer and my heart aches for him terribly. Those that have never owned a dog won’t understand but Carole did and he was able to come through and he has made himself known to us in ways that we have seen. Carole Grace said he enjoyed Cheez its and Goldfish which are 2 of my daughter’s favorite snacks. She also knew about his previous owners. All she knew was that one of our pets had passed. I will definitely be referring her to others for comfort.

Carole is the best in my opinion. Her reading has changed my life. She gave me much needed answers. And a treasured message from my granny. I have been smiling ever since. Carole shows her professionalism with sensitive subjects and gives an honest reading. Her beautiful soul and compassion show in her reading and healing work. When talking with her it feels as if she is an old friend. She is so easy to talk to and goes above and beyond in giving you a fulfilling reading. Carole is very dedicated to her healing work. It shows in the time and love she puts into it. She has helped me heal and be healthier on so many levels. She is truly a blessing.
Tara Fox. March 29, 2016
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Carole has helped me tremendously. I knew I needed help with something, and she was able to bring it out in the open, so it can be addressed.  She hit on everything she said. Amazing, helpful, and compassionate. Really gave me peace of mind.

Wonderful as always 11/15/2015


Terri S. says: I needed some events in my life looked at nothing huge but very dear to my heart and Carole did a great job of seeing and telling me things will work out. As a medium myself I have to say I can’t read me…. lol so I put my questions into Carole’s hands and what wonderful hands they are. Thank you, Terri

Reading 8-5-2015

Christina S. says:
Dear Carole, I’m very blessed for this reading with you. You are truly gifted. I was very touched by your emotion to the message I received from my mother. I was so joyed to hear from my dog Katie who had passed over March 2, 2015. The things you told me about her were right on. Most of all was that Katie will visits us. How she sleeps with us and will give me a kiss. How my other dog Coco is able to see her. How you would get a smile on your face when she would communicate something to you. Carole, your insight on my husband was right on. To put him on your prayer list touched me very much. When I arrived for the reading and met you for the first time I felt so relaxed and at ease I knew I was in the good hands. I also want to tell you that the suggestions you made about the tapping was very helpful. Again thank you so much for helping me get this journey of mine on the right path. Love to you, but Christina
NMT session  3/18/2015
Kristin G. says:
Grateful to have some relief with regards to some of the issues we talked about. It is such a gentle process and glad this is available and for your insight on it all!!!

March 19, 2015  re: NMT session
Hi Carole,
I’ve been meaning to write this letter/email for a while now. Please forgive me, but I’ve been so preoccupied with the intense happiness and joy that I’ve never experienced for such a prolonged period of time before!
I acknowledge that I have done a lot of work & have been heading for this well deserved joy for some time; however I truly believe that it was you & your energy work that allowed the “shift.” I know it’s no coincidence that within a week of you doing the energy work, I was contacted by the Navajo Nation & offered an interview for their Clinical Director position.. a position I had withdrew my application for a year earlier and so chose another path. (I didn’t take this interview offer because i am happy where i am, but I was honored & happy to have been asked and determined to have been  qualified for that position). Within a month I met who I believe is the man of my dreams- he takes my breath away (!) He is everything on “my list” and sooo much more! In addition i have met some other very healthy, beautiful & fun people and am developing friendships with them. My weight continues to slim off & my health continues to increase. I have accepted a new position at my work & we will see where this goes. It just so happens that my dream man also dances (!!) and so now I am too(!)…another thing on my list!
I’ve spoke of what’s happened since the energy work, but when you were actually doing the energy work I could actually feel the energy increase in my entire body & that was exciting, but even more exciting was that I could finally ‘see’ the energy around my hand. You are an amazing lady & an incredible healer. I am so grateful for you, your all encompassing love, and  for the work you do! You are truly a blessing to me & to all!
My deep & sincere Thank You!
Love & many Blessings to you always:) ♡

I can move forward 2/14/2015

Lindsay C. says:

My father passed very quickly and the way he passed was horrific. He couldn’t speak for the last three months he was alive and I had so many questions and thoughts. This experience changed my life and my beliefs. She said things there was no way of knowing. She was sincere and peaceful. I will go back bc I miss my father terribly and I truly enjoyed hearing from him. Thank you for this experience. It was a blessing.

Reading 2/13/2015
Jodi D. says:
 I can’t say thank you enough to Carole for the time that I’ve been lucky enough to spend with her. She is an angel to everyone who comes into contact with her. My reading was wonderful (as usual) and it couldn’t have come from a more genuine, warm, loving person. Thank you so much Carole! Until we meet again 🙂


Reatha S. says:

Thank you Carole. Your reading helped us so much.

I was impressed with Carole’s compassion, empathy, and acceptance. She is kind and gifted and is not motivated by her ego at all. This is rare and precious in this world. After a very painful loss, that I could not overcome, i asked for a reading. The healing from that reading is immense-my heart felt like a great weight was lifted off my soul. Hope took the place of despair, and i cannot put into words what this reading has done for me. I will always be grateful for what she has done for me.

posted on Dec 7, 2014 by carmen harrington

I recently had a reading with Carole and she was spot on with me. She was wonderful and gave me great tools to help with my struggles. She is very sweet and a pleasure to be around.

posted on Nov 6, 2014

by shelby kojaian

I saw Carole for a private reading in August 2014. I found her to be so genuine and down to earth, just a lovely person. Combine that with her gifts and I don’t know how to explain it in words. Multiple things were validated in my reading and I really truly enjoyed my time with her. So much so that I scheduled a gallery event at my house. She blew us all away, she’s amazing and wonderful and I look forward to spending time with her again. Thank you so very much!!!!

posted on Sep 20, 2014 by Jodi DiVito

I just wanted to tell you that even though my reading was just a couple of days ago, your insight has already helped me and given me some of the direction that I was looking for. I get strange feelings and ideas that are very strong and come to me out of the blue, like a jolt… a great deal of the time have I have a hard time understanding what I am supposed to do or if I am supposed to take any of it seriously and act because I don’t know if I can trust what feeling or thought just came over me. The problem is that my logical mind usually is leading me in the completely opposite direction. So, I am always questioning myself, forever unsure of myself, and the result is my confidence in myself and my own good judgement is undermined. I came to you because I was hoping you would pick up on that but even more so, I was desperately hoping you’d tell me something (without having prior personal knowledge of me) that would prove I am not a crazy person and that my gut instinct and intuition is accurate and trying to pull me to where I am supposed to be in my life. You were able to pick up on all of this! I feel like a big chunk of the weight on my shoulders has been lifted because now I don’t have to resist those feelings, thoughts, and ideas anymore. Instead, I can find ways to work them into my life a, become more whole…become more fully ME, in living my own life purpose and walking my own path that is right for ME. All day after my reading I mulled over everything you discussed the direction you see me heading in my career and in my life. You were right about me feeling like I spent money and wasted my time on my education because it is not fulfilling and doesn’t satisfy my needs. You were right about the guilt I feel and you were right I felt people would be disappointed in me or wouldn’t approve of what I would like to do. Anyway, I got home and got online to research what I can do to pool my education in nursing and public health education and career experiences with my “not quite mainstream” personal spiritual beliefs and my deep interest in spirituality and holistic healing, any mind/body/spirit topic and any kind of alternative healing method under the sun. I never considered that I could take those interests and use them to heal and help other people because in my experience working as a registered nurse these things are not discussed or really taken very seriously in the workplace. I have never discussed my interests at work for fear of being thought of as a joke and being laughed at and not taken seriously…Looking back, I am not at all sure why I cared what people would think of me except for the fact that I wanted to be respected by other people in my work environment. Repressing this part of myself has become oppressive to the point that I became extremely depressed and had to take a break, not only from nursing, but a break from working in general so that I could do some healing of my own and get a part of myself back that I lost while struggling with all of this. I have considered never going back to nursing more than a few times but couldn’t find a reason to justify not using an education that I invested so much money, time and effort in…Especially when I will be paying the student loans for the next couple of decades!!
But, I see some light now. I discovered I am not alone and there are so many nurses and health professionals that have experienced this exact internal conflict and I have hope now because they have found a way to align their professional work with their personal beliefs and philosophies. If they can work it all out then I know I can work it all out too! Since I saw you less than 3 days ago I have decided to get my certification in holistic nursing and have signed up for continuing education credits doing an independent study course that will satisfy all of the requirements for me to be allowed to apply for, and sit for, the Holistic Baccalaureate Nursing Certification Examination. I have a goal to work toward and a new vision of what I want and where I am heading in my life and in my work. I have always wanted to help people heal and thought I chose the wrong path in an attempt at being able to do that while also making a living at it. I hope that I am now on the right track to a more fulfilling life and career in helping others heal and for hopefully simultaneously healing myself on the journey…
I can’t thank you enough Carole. You gave me validation without me even telling you I needed it and you gave me new information to work with that is helping me to finally move forward in my life with purpose and excitement once again.

Ashley S

I saw Carole in November 2013. I had been struggling emotionally for a couple years up until that point, and she definitely felt those emotions coming from me. Her reaction to the energy I was giving off was eye-opening and made me realize I really needed to make a change. She pinpointed issues in my romantic relationship and guided me on the best way to deal with the issues. She advised me to try a couple forms of therapy that have really helped get me on track. Plus, she is genuinely sweet!

posted on Apr 25, 2014 by Kelsey Grobbel

My daughter and I saw Carole about six months ago. She struck me as very sensitive and kind. She was intuitive about our pasts, the direction our lives were taking and the parallels between us! She not only explained what was ahead but also provided insight into what we could do. We are seeing her again in a week!

posted on Apr 25, 2014 by Nancy Grobbel

Reviews of Carole Grace LLC

Amazing reading 4/8/2014


Lory a. says: I feel absolutely blessed to have had the opportunity to meet Carole. She truly is a divine person. The connection with my husband was very emotional and absolutely amazing. I will always cherish those special moments. I believe there is an afterlife. Death is not the end, is the beginning of eternal life. She is been very helpful with other issues in my life. She is a very beautiful soul. They say that people come into your life at the right time, and I feel that I was guided to meet her. Thank you, Carole.

Hi Carole

Reading your encouraging and supportive email made my day yesterday! As you know very well, it has not been easy but I am trying to be strong, remain positive, and take each day as it comes. A lot of my strength has been gained through the readings you have done for me and the continued support you have provided!

Have a great weekend Carole!


1 review of Carole Grace LLC
Wonderful reading
Kristin G. says: Dear Carole, Thank you so much for such an insightful reading. Thank you for taking your time and you’re caring. That is so important and am very happy with help on a direction that I have struggled with for some time. For that, I am truly grateful !!! You listened and I needed that. I am also so grateful for the information that was very clear and useful. Haven’t had that with others. Much love and blessings. Looking forward to your classes. Thanks again!!! Kristin Joy

I am so grateful and blessed that I met with Carole. I have been in a place of confusion for so long but now my heart is filled with hope and positivity. I am in awe of her ability to tune into my recent experience and the feelings that I have been dealing with so long. She shared what was necessary and important for me to understand, not just what she thought I wanted to hear. For this, I am very grateful. I highly recommend Carole and know that I will be seeing her again in my future.

posted on Sep 17, 2013, by Carla Smith

I had a reading done with Carole earlier this week. I went into the reading tense, depressed, and just clouded. Well, of course, that was the first thing she picked up on. By the time she was finished with my reading, I felt instantly better, happy, and just grounded!! She hit the nose on EVERYTHING. Not only is she gifted but super compassionate as well! Thank you, Carole, for helping me feel like me again!!

Dena Rhea


You described Paula to a T! She was very fun-loving and mischievous. If I may share: On the night of her passing, my sister Tammie, Paula’s husband Andy, and Paula’s daughter heard what sounded like a washing machine rotating for a quick moment and then a heavy clanging sound. They laughed and said, “I bet that’s Paula!”

What was most profound was what you had to tell me about carrying the weight—–and letting it go. It was so applicable on so many levels. I’ve taken on a lot of weight for others most of my life.

Over time, taking on the weight of others has physically manifested itself in my body. This year was the first year that I felt ready to deal with something I’d been avoiding—-even though it carrying it was draining me. I don’t think I’ll even realize how heavy it was until I’m done letting it go—until the weight is gone, and the lightness that I’m meant to be is what is left.

Much of what you said was needed affirmations at the right time. Just wanted to let you know that I’ve been really thinking of what you had to tell me.

Thank you,

Cheryl D

I found the peace I was searching for in my session with Carol. She immediately connected with my Mom..she said and did something so very specific that I knew my Mom was there. Carol’s gentle approach and ability to deliver the message has lightened my heart.

Julie Moll

Carole, I found, to be one of the most tuned to spirit I have run across. This direct link allows a clearer picture to be transmitted from one’s own guides directly to the person she is reading for. I’m not an easy person to read for. Most mediums and psychics, for me at least either, give me inaccurate messages or on a subconscious level give you information that you would like to see happen but actually does not manifest. This woman does not fall into this category. Carole will give you information that really does appear in your life. The direction that will help you along your path. Allowing that connection, even if for a moment in your life, with your own guides and angels.

Carole will go far beyond the typical reading one might expect. She has for me, gone far past the first two layers and deep into my spiritual awareness. Guided me with little effort on her part to allow aspects of myself to understand my higher journey in this life. First expanding my consciousness in what lies just beyond. Then giving me a greater chance of grasping my true spiritual expansion into what I need to be adjusting my personal growth on. I do recommend her to anyone that wants a one on one experience with their own angels and guides.

John M.


Just wanted to say it was such a pleasure to meet you today! Our meeting has really lifted my spirits and made me feel much more like myself than I’ve felt in a long time. Thank you so much for communicating what my grandparents had to say to me, and for giving me insight on what happened with my last love interest, it really clears up a lot of questions I had on what I should do and what direction I should go in my life. It makes me feel so much more at ease to know that they are ok on the other side and that they can see good things heading my way very soon.

and I thought I’d tell you, when I left and got back on M-59 west and got off at the Squirrel rd exit, I passed the street that my school is on and it slammed into me why you saw a blue stone in someone’s palm and a blue feather, the street that my school is on is called Featherstone!!! haha!! that’s why they showed you that! to show where I went to school, otherwise, why else would you have seen a blue stone then a flue feather? amazing.

Thank you again, I finally feel like I can get back to concentrating on me for a while and getting back to what makes me happy so I can balance myself out again, and I definitely intend to get in contact with you again for another reading once I finish doing this 🙂

Have a Great Day!


I have been struggling for soo long with my situation. Besides the fact that I miss him tremendously, relive the situation often, think about and miss his sons and mom enough to make me nauseous when I think about em, living with guilt and the what if’s…most of all, I needed to know that he wasn’t stuck somewhere…that being the amazing man he was, the soo many lives he touched and the happiness he brought all around him, that he went to a better place and that he wasn’t suffering! He had a great relationship with his grandma and loved her dearly! Knowing that she came and got him and he is in a better place, is information that only the gifted could give me. I will b forever grateful for u! I know I will struggle with this for the rest of my life but knowing he is alright, has relieved one aspect of my struggle. All the ladies at the party were satisfied and happy to know u were the real deal and not just out to get money. Once again, thank u for being patient & working with me through the process of booking the party and for sharing ur gift, positive energy, and caring demeanor!


I have to tell you I am the queen of the skeptics when it comes to having a reading. But I was blessed enough to have a reading done by Carole Grace Burris and I was blown away. I lost my father almost a year ago and the best friend I ever had just a few months ago I decided to have a reading done with Carole and I must say the very core of my heart was touched. She has a God-given gift and uses her gift to help others in the best of ways. Thank you, Carole, you will forever have my gratitude!!

posted on Jan 29, 2013 by Patricia Arndt

Carole was amazing! She channeled my family who showed her what path in life I should take. I did not tell her any of my focus or questions during the call & she hit the nail on the head. She told me what I needed to hear, not just what I wanted to hear & was very compassionate!
posted on Jan 28, 2013 by Micki Allen
Wanting to share my experience with Carole who is a very compassionate person and willing to assist you in all your needs… I’ve gained a total comfort in trusting her ability to tap into your most personal inner being. I appreciate all she has done for me! I will definitely see her again. Thank you, Carole!!!

Lorrie J

Hi Carole,
Thank you for such an amazing reading last night, it really gave me peace and hope for a bright future for the first time in 4-5 weeks.
Thank you,
Andrea R

Hi Carole,
How are you?  I just wanted to drop a line and say hello and thank you so much for the healing and reading last week.  I was so excited about everything that I can’t even remember if I thanked you.   I can still feel tingling in my arms and legs.  How about that?  And I was so focused on my knees that I didn’t even remember that I wake up most mornings feeling nauseated.  And now that is gone.  Maybe you fixed it with that problem area you were sensing in my stomach and, who knows, that may have been the bigger of the two issues.  I’ve also been very calm this week–how wonderful!  And I feel pulled to the music on the classical radio station, too.  Maybe it’s my old piano teacher influencing me there.
You know, I can’t get over how my mother came through.  And I’m so impressed that she got past the strong male energies and had her say.  And during the reading, she really did more talking than she did when she was living.  She always worked so hard, was quiet, and then for the last ten years of her life, she had Parkinson’s.   So to hear the strength from her and my aunt, I was overwhelmed.  I wanted to tell her how much I loved her and how bad I felt about putting her in a nursing home, but I would have blubbered like a baby.  Anyway, the reading just made me feel so good all week.  And, of course, hearing from Penny and Ketchup was the icing on the cake!
You are truly wonderful and amazingly gifted!
Well, with that being said, I’m going to sign off.  You’ll hear from me again.  I know my sister wants a reading, and I’d like more healings in the future.
Take care,

On Wed, Aug 22, 2012 at 9:59 AM, Beckie Ewrote:

Hello Carole,

I hope you are doing well and that you’re having a good week.  I must say that I’m still reeling (in a good way!) from the session we had on Sunday.  It was so heartwarming that I’m just beside myself.  It feels good to know that others are helping me, even if I can’t see them!  Heck, I’m even sleeping better knowing that Slick is there!

Thanks, thanks, and thanks!


Carole’s gift of authenticity enfolded with compassion, love, care, truth and her sense of humor, ensure that all those who seek her services will feel the more Blessed for having done so. Carole is one in whom you can place your trust that she is and will continue to be in a place of Truth in order for the Divine to flow through and therefore one will receive that which is for one’s highest and greatest good.
posted on Jul 22, 2012 by Sue Batt

Carole is truly a beautiful person with a beautiful soul inside and out. She was able to touch on all of my questions and even told me things that I was not expecting to hear. She was able to see my grandfather… she described his looks and personality. She was able to give me the guidance that I felt I needed, by letting me know who was out there trying to help me and what I needed to do to get there. After seeing Carole I felt as though all of my fears were gone and that I was able to face the world and my life with a new light and strength.

-Megan F

Loved my reading with you! It brought me such comfort after my father’s passing… And you were able to lead me down the right path to healing me. I know that God led me to you and for the peace in my heart and mind, I’m eternally grateful!
Julie S.

Carole is an absolutely beautiful soul! She is open, genuine, warm, and extremely insightful. She has helped me through some very challenging times in my life by providing me with her gifts of spiritual wisdom, intuitive knowings, kindness, and deep compassion. Without Carole I would have continued to be frozen with fear, unable to move forward with pursuing my dreams. She has a remarkable way of seeing things clearly, including an individual’s potential in this lifetime. She presents her intutitive information in a non-threatening way and reminds us that we always have “free will.” It is my hope, for all of us, that we can cultivate the courage to live our True Purpose in this lifetime. By doing so we can contribute to the enrichment of other people’s lives just as Carole has role modeled for us. I will continue to contact Carole when I’m feeling a need for greater clarity and guidance. She is an extraordinary person and an amazing healer and teacher. I highly recommend her to everyone! Thank you so much, Carole, for helping me along the way! Love and light to you always….I’ll be in touch soon!

Sharon P.

Salem, OR


Thank You…Thank You….Thank You…!!!

I’ve thought frequently about my reading with you…you truly have a gift.  When I’ve thought about other “psychics” I’ve seen you have a much softer, gentler sense about you and I could really feel your energy connecting with mine.  And I keep thinking about “sunshine”.  Today’s been a challenging day…and I keep thinking about the sun rising in me, around me and feeling it’s healing energy…and that my grandma is here with me….So Thank You again you made a difference in me…
Lynn G.

Below a testimonial sent to a friend regarding a mediumship investigation I did, in which helped the person in alleviating their guilt and realizing the truth:

“I just wanted to extend a thank you to you and your classmates! Upon reflection of our discussion, I think I know EXACTLY what the ‘pages’ were that Carole spoke of!!! I have been going by her condo every so often to pick things up here and there, well most of the things I’ve been gathering are of sentimental value; such as notebooks and various other papers. Most of the things I’ve been reading through were very morbid of nature and have left me feeling worse than EVER! I found unmailed notes, journal entries, poems, and many other things that I KNOW were never meant to be read (especially by me) and after reading through these things on nearly a nightly basis, I cry, or get angry, or am more confused than ever before. So, it makes sense that Carole would have a vision of ‘pages turning’ her ‘shaking her head’ and being distressed about it. It makes even MORE sense that she would say, “I fucked up,” and “Sorry, I didn’t want to leave it this way.” She would never have wanted me to run across some of the shit I found, especially as it related to her divorce and the state of her mind at that point. I know I shouldn’t be soooo nosey or torture myself with the stuff, but I just couldn’t help it, and often it made me feel closer to her. Carole didn’t say she was turning the pages, but she spoke only of ‘turning pages,’ and I’m SURE my mother watched many times as I read and reread unintended material!!! Truly AMAZING!!! Of course, she would ‘put her head in her hands!’ Thank you again, I can’t wait until more stuff starts to unravel, and you send the transcripts of your find!!!
Thank you again!!!! “

“During the treatment, I felt a block released from my leg, it was as though a faucet had been turned on and everything flowed like it should! After my treatment, I was able to complete my lawn work without taking several breaks. Everyone commented on how great I looked and I feel great”. Jay R

“I had been very stressed prior to my treatment and then during the treatment, I could just feel my body melting into such peace and relaxation and continued after the treatment”. Daniel M

“You have a gift that you do not even know, after the treatment, we felt totally cleansed. God bless you and the work you do. The techniques you taught me helped too”. M. & S Ouwerkirk

Recommendations For Carole

Energy Medicine Practitioner
Carole’s Healing Touch

“Carole really helped me manage some stress and improve my overall well-being with her Healing Touch expertise and advice. I know she also works with animals in pain management, stress, and illness through energy work — I think that’s really fantastic! I highly recommend her services for whatever ails you or your pet!” June 16, 2010
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert
Tom Doerr
hired Carole as a Healing Touch Therapy in 2008, and hired Carole more than once

“Carole is a highly skilled healer. I attained a very deep, blissful state as she worked on me. I felt so much better after the Healing Sessions. Carole has great caring and compassion for everyone she knows. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it to the degree I notice with her. She is highly intuitive and receives a lot of information from the Angels that helps people lead more empowered lives.” June 15, 2010
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity
Shala Kilmer
hired Carole as a Healing Touch hands-on healing in 2010, and hired Carole more than once

“Carole is a hard worker and dedicated healer. She is committed heart and soul to her work. She is a wonderful healer and has worked on me several times. As an MS patient; the fatigue is a chronic problem. Carole’s healing has rejuvenated me and restored my sense of well being. It has made it possible for me to do more things and have a fuller life.” June 15, 2010
Top qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative
Kathie O’Brien
hired Carole as a Healer in 2009, and hired Carole more than once

“I didn’t know what to expect, but I had heard good things about Carole and Healing Touch. By the end of my session, my energy soared and I felt fantastic. It was as if a blockage was removed and now my energy was flowing the way it did when I was young. Her office is warm and inviting and I felt totally comfortable and safe. I would recommend Carole’s treatments to everyone. Thank you, Carole!” June 5, 2010
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity
Daniel McDermott
hired Carole as a Healing Touch Practitioner in 2010, and hired Carole more than once

“I am new to Carole’s services, but my initial impression is very favorable and I plan to continue to avail myself of her expertise.” December 11, 2009
Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Good Value
Pam LaMont
hired Carole as a Healing in 2009

I had two in-person readings so far with Carol and intend to schedule some more in the near future. Both readings were excellent in every way and I enjoyed Carol not only as a psychic but also as a genuinely nice person with a fresh sense of humor. She was very accurate with the information and brought both my wife and father through with specific details that she could not have known on her own. She brought me peace of mind and cares about her customers. I highly recommend her services. posted on December 23, 2017 by Robert Fossez