Stress how much is it really costing businesses and more importantly you?

Carole GraceA mindful worker is a happier worker

Do you fully understand the magnitude of stress on the work place environment?

A 2000 Integra survey reported:65% of workers said that workplace stress had caused difficulties & more than 10% described these as having major effects;

  • 10% said they work in an atmosphere where physical violence has occurred because of job stress & in this group, 42% report that yelling & other verbal abuse is common;
  • 29% had yelled at co-workers because of workplace stress, 14% said they work where machinery or equipment has been damaged because of workplace rage & 2% admitted that they had actually personally struck someone;
  • 19% or almost one in five respondents had quit a previous position because of job stress & nearly one in four have been driven to tears because of workplace stress;
  • 62% routinely find that they end the day with work-related neck pain, 44% reported stressed-out eyes, 38% complained of hurting hands & 34% reported difficulty in sleeping because they were too stressed-out;
  • 12% called in sick because of job stress;
  • Over half said they often spend 12-hour days on work related duties & an equal number frequently skip lunch because of the stress of job demands.

2000 Integra survey can be found at

Below studies done on Healing Touch & it’s effectiveness in reducing stress:

A Persuasive Commentary & Study: Exploring Perception of HT Therapy as a Positive Treatment Modality for Wellness Maintenance, Physical & Psychological Concerns in Adults.  Norma L. Garrett, MSW: The purpose of this 2006 study was to determine the perception of benefits of HT treatments in adults for physical & psychological concerns & maintaining health. Positive results from Healing Touch were perceived for physical problems & for psychological. No one perceived it as negative. For most the treatment was beyond expectations.

Perceived Effectiveness of Healing Touch Treatments: A Performance Improvement Study.  Sr. Rita Jean DuBrey, CSJ, RN, MSN, CHTP/I:

This performance improvement study was conducted over a seven-week period. 20 clients received Healing Touch in a community based practice. Each participant was asked to complete a survey utilizing 4 indicators: stress reduction, pain reduction (if applicable); emotional well-being, & spiritual well-being. All participants reported a decrease in stress following treatment. The levels of stress were reduced for greater than 2 weeks by 40% of the participants followed by 4-7 days for 30% of the participants. For those 8 individuals who sought treatment for pain reduction they experienced a reduction in pain either for 1-2 weeks (50%) or 2 weeks (50%). Emotional well-being was reported to last for greater a minimum of a week for 50% of the sample. Spiritual well-being was reported by all but one of the subjects. The increase in spiritual well being lasted for 2 weeks for the majority of subjects (60%).

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