All appointment times are in the eastern time zone.

Make your event or party extra special by hosting a Gallery type reading!   Mediumship Demonstration also called Gallery readings are done in a large or small group of people.  Carole Grace delivers messages from Spirit to the group. It is heartwarming, meaningful and a fun time for all and results in many treasured memories. These events are similar to the Long Island Medium TV show.  If a message is too personal I will deliver it privately at the end of the event.

Those in attendance get to see and feel and witness that when we pass that is not the end of the connection we have. Communication still happens and the love is always there.

Gallery Readings:  Please note that my calendar does not show availability for parties, therefore you will need to contact me preferably via email and I will give you several available dates to chose from.  Please include if this will be an afternoon or an evening party; weeknight or weekend.  



Mediumship and or Psychic reading 60 minutes

Mediumship or Psychic reading

Mediumship & Psychic readings are available in person or using skype or the telephone

Gallery/Group Readings (2-hour minimum) 10 person minimum, $40.00 per person



Soul Realignment

Healing Touch or Reiki – 1-hour session (for people or pets)

Healing Sessions are in person or distant.


Mediumship basic and advanced classes
Psychic Development basic to advanced classes
Meditation training the SEED (Simple Easy Every Day) Method
Energy techniques for individuals and groups.

My Helpful Healing Touch for children
Teaches Healing Touch techniques to students ages 6 – 12.
Class size limited to 10.
Not only will parents benefit from giving your child this unique and amazing educational gift, but the children learn vital skills helpful in everyday life:
* Basic energy concepts in a simple and enjoyable format
* How to use healing energy for their wellness and self-care
* How to balance their emotions through the use of breath
* How to elicit an internal sense of peace and calm
* Meditation for self-care
* How to use their energy field as a protective shield
* To create a stronger sense of self
* How to use the universal life force energy for comforting and caring

Development Circle

To purchase a reading or healing session go to the payments page. For Parties, Galleries please use the contact me page with details. Also if you have any questions please contact me.