Get Your Voice Back

Is there someone that you need to talk to but are unable to because they have passed, or someone who is alive but unable to connect with?  I am a Medium and intuitive and I can help you gain your voice back!  I have my voice back, I have my power back, I feel complete within myself, and I am here to help you get yours back too!

Quit replicating that past issue(s) and begin healing and begin living an empowered life.  Get your voice back, say what you need to say and heal what you need to heal.  Let me help you on this journey and together begin creating a new story and a happier, healthier life!  You deserve to have your VOICE!

The program includes 4-60 minute sessions. With each session building upon the other.

·       A mediumship reading

·       A clearing session of old wounds

·       A session focused on creating new beliefs to replace old patterns

·       Tools and ways to express your voice

My gifts as an intuitive will be utilized along with my mediumship skills during our work together to help you unlock your voice and begin to express yourself clearly (and feel safe doing so).

The Hurt of Not Being Heard

When I was young I had a difficult relationship with my father.  He died in my teens before we could build a healthy relationship.   I felt he didn’t want to hear me, or care what I had to say or what I did.  I was hurt, and angry at him.   I felt he didn’t like me, and I felt very unloved by him, I felt I was undeserving of his love for whatever reason.  But I was sure there had to be a reason, and that it was my fault!

This was compounded by the fact that I was the youngest of 11 children.  Also, with my gifts of seeing things that others did not see or acknowledge, and being told I was not really seeing something when what I was seeing was real,  these added to my feelings of being alone and unheard.

In my life I went on to create relationships in which I was treated like I was unimportant, that I didn’t deserve to be heard.  I never knew that I was picking these people and in effect that I created these situations.  I just thought that is what I deserved.  All that time I was making my life worse.   I never gave myself credit for anything I did or accomplished, it was never enough, never good enough and I never felt good about me.  I would take on blame for things that were not my fault, because I had the belief that everything was my fault.

We All Deserve to Be Heard

For me, this realization is that I do deserve to be respected and treated well.  I deserve to be heard!  I have worked on my relationship with my Father whom I do love and forgive.  And I understand what was going on in his life during that time.  I understand why he acted the way he did and that he actually did love and care for me.  It has been a heavy load that I have carried all these years with these untrue beliefs, and it caused so much pain in my life.  And it was all because I didn’t want to look at that relationship or deal with it.  I thought it was over and done with.  Even with my gifts, I didn’t want to connect with him when he would try to talk to me.   I knew that in order to begin healing and clearing this replicating pattern I created in my life that it needed to be dealt with.   I understood what I needed to do.  I wish I had taken the time to heal this relationship a long time ago, but better late than never!

Carole Grace age 5?

Carole Grace age 5?

You deserve to be heard!  You deserve to feel safe.  You deserve a life that is baggage free and filled with positive experiences.


  • I will guide you with the techniques that have supported me to find your voice!
  • You will learn the negative patterns that you have been repeating
  • You will Heal the past
  • You will move forward with your life without dragging the past and replicating this scenario over and            over again
  • You will be better prepared to create healthy loving relationships
  • You will find freedom to express yourself fully
  • You will be enabled to create a new future with people who are good for you!
  • You will start living a clearer and more focused life
  • You will enjoy peace within you
  • You will be powerful

As you find your voice, you will find an amazing inner strength and the knowing that anything is possible.

Stop living your life unconsciously!  It is time to create the life you desire and deserve.

Peace, power and the ability to move forward without dragging the past with you, the choice is yours.  Will you claim your voice and a clearer more focused life?  It is time to free.

Do you want to break free from subconsciously creating the same scenario in your life over and over again?

Be able to move forward in your life, more focused and clear about your direction.

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As we go through this program, we will come to understand where that pain and heartbreak has impacted you in your life, and how we can clear up those issues from your life so you can heal.  We don’t need to hold on to those past hurts and losses or recreate them in our current relationships thereby subconsciously replicating these patterns in our lives!!

I hope you will join me in this beautiful healing journey of your life.


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Carole provides the opportunity to connect with a powerful healing tool – your past. By helping facilitate the healing of relationships from those individuals that have past via mediumship she gives individuals the space to finally speak their truth and create a life based on the truth that we are whole and complete.

Jennifer Urezzio, founder and spiritual director of