What to expect:
  • First I ask if you want to know everything that I am receiving
  • I let you know how I feel about the various options
  • I let you know what I feel your best option is
  • What I am seeing (Spirit, signs, symbols, and visions)
  • Honesty, Even though I like to make people happy I will not tell you something just because I know you want to hear. I will, however, give it to you if you have agreed to know everything because it is something you need to know it and I know it is for your highest good to know (because that is what I have asked for). I deliver all messages in a gentle caring way

When I begin reading with a client I ask my guides and theirs for information that is for the clients highest good. I raise my vibration to tap into a higher frequency that spirit communicates at.   I am able to see, hear and feel as well as just know something when I am doing a reading.

I am an Evidential Medium and will give evidence of the Spirit from the Spirit. When I am doing Mediumship and or psychic readings I ask for information that is for your highest good, if you have someone special you would like to come through in a reading, ask them while you are in a quiet meditative state it does not guarantee that Spirit will come through but it definitely helps. Prior to the reading, I say a silent prayer and during that time you are welcome to do the same and ask them to come in clearly and join us for the reading.

What I want to happen for you during the reading is to receive the answers to your questions. If it is a mediumship reading then I want to have connected with your loved ones and/or spirit guides, and for you to know they are still with you in spirit and that connection, the love will always be there.

Appointment times should be scheduled at a time when nothing pressing is going on so you are calm and relaxed, a busy mind can lead to psychic amnesia which leads to an unrewarding reading, it is very beneficial to be in the state of peace and calm. Cell phones are turned off unless this is a phone reading and you are using it! Be open.

What I can’t and won’t do:

  • I cannot force a Spirit to come
  • Make them tell you something
  • I won’t make something up

I love helping people with my abilities and I am very thankful for them and honored to help those who come to me.

I do readings in person at my office or connect through Zoom or the phone all over the world!